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About us

The mission of our company is a maximum customer's satisfaction with service on the highest technical level.

INEE is a team of well educated and experienced specialists who deal with industrial automation. Thanks to a great experience gained during realization of projects in different branches, we are able to perform the most difficult tasks and remove a breakdown in a very short time.

Apart from supporting and promoting solutions of Siemens company, INEE belongs to Profibus PNO Poland organization.

Company profile

Our business activity is divided into the following fields:
  • Electrical engineering of control systems and automation
  • Distribution, support and service of Siemens and other components
Engineering of INEE company is:
  • Complex realization of projects,
  • Migration of systems based on Simatic S5 – replacing them with S7 controllers,
  • Start up after breakdown of line or machines based on Siemens PLC,
  • Projects of changing data between PLC and systems MES/ERP/PIMS
We realize applications on the basis of Siemens software (Step7/WinCC), Telemecanique and others like iFix, InTouch, Asix etc.

Service and distribution consists of:
  • Sale and technical support for Siemens components Simatic S7, S5, operator panels HMI, industrial computers (IPC), monitors, KVM and more
  • Distribution and support for software (OPC Servers) and components (cards and CP modules) to communicate with Siemens Simatic S5/S7,
  • Repairs of damaged components mainly Siemens Simatic S5/S7, HMI Panels, Simodrive, Sinumerik,
  • Repairs – modernization of kinescope panels and atypical frequency synchronization monitors – replacing CRT with LCD-TFT moduls,
  • Stock of Simatic S5/S7, HMI components, industrial computers IPC, programmers PG and Field PG
  • Guarantee of continuous production and control systems without any breakdown.

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Projects of control systems and industrial automation

The team of experienced specialists carries the following tasks out:
Projects of control systems and industrial automation Siemens Simatic S7 / S5
  • exchanging (migration) of controllers Simatic S5 to Simatic S7 that are done during short production shutdowns, convenient for a customer
  • complex realization of projects connected with industrial and processing
  • extended process data records (MES / PIMS / Traceability)
  • modernizations and starting the machines, devices, control systems
  • preparation of a project
  • carrying out an electrical documentation (ePlan, WsCAD)
  • writing PLC programs (Siemens, Fanuc, Telemecanique, Allen-Bradley, Saia, Beckhoff)
  • installation of automatic equipment on the plant
  • prefabrication of control cabinets
  • security systems based on Pilz, Siemens and Telemecanique components
  • making HMI systems (Siemens, ESA, Proface, Lauer) and SCADA (WinCC, InTouch, iFix)
  • realization of a project and attestation documentation
  • commissioning and modernization of control systems
  • integration of PLC controllers from different suppliers into a common net and realization of superordinate visualization systems, archives, processing and reporting data
  • design and implementation safety systems PILZ
industrial automation projects with usage of Siemens Simatic S7 PLC
design and implementation safety systems PILZ

We do it all in the following branches:

industrial automation projects in food industry food industry: filling machines, packing and palletizing machines, pasteurizers, transport systems, brewing, filtrations, components prepare station and miscible containers
industrial automation projects in automotive industry automotive industry: electronic key systems, automatic screwing of chassis ( Multi Fastening Station), transport systems, Test Bench
industrial automation projects in glass industry glass industry: annealers, transport systems, loading and cutting machines, inspection machines, rotation cathode (vacuum sputtering)
industrial automation projects in building industry building industry: machines for kerb production, transport systems
industrial automation projects in pharmaceutical industry pharmaceutical: filling machines, packing and palletizing machines, transport systems
industrial automation projects in wood industry wood industry: machines for window frames, cutting and packing machines
industrial automation projects in printing industry printing: packing and palletizing machines

and other...


Electrical projects

INEE company offers realization of complex electrical projects beginning from a description of customer's requirements, selection of proper equipment and prefabrication of control cabinets, assembly and commissioning on the plant.

prefabrication of control cabinets

An engineering staff is able to perform every task in accordance with obligatory standards. Projects are made in ePlan software or at customer's request we also realize diagrams in WsCad program. Complex technical documentation contains:

  • electrical diagram
  • prefabrication diagrams of control cabinets
  • full setting-up of terminal strips
  • full list of elements
  • full list of cabels

electrical project print screen

The assembly and installation are carried out by specialists who have got many years of work experience. Thereby we can guarantee reliable and steady work of systems and a documentation attached enables customer to full control of the system.

Electrical projects in ePlan Electrical projects in WSCAD


Here you can get read about the implementations of our projects. At the moment, newer implementations are available only in polish language. Please go to: Implementations

06.2009 - Sierra Cazorla Aqua, Sierra Cazorla, Spain
- complex realization of air transport of bottles (Siemens Simatic S7-315-2DP)
indtustrial automation projects - food industry
05.2009 – Impress Decor, Ełk, Poland
- carrying out modernization of equipment and software of HMI system of the printer (WinCC 7.0 + Data Monitor + Archive)
indtustrial automation projects - printing industry
04.2009 – Saint Gobain Glass, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland
- complex installation of the new rotation cathode (Simatic S7-416)
indtustrial automation projects - glass industry
02.2009 Velux Polska, Namysłów, Poland
- complex modernization of the device for window frames production (migration of Simatic S5 to S7-300)
indtustrial automation projects - wood industry
01.2009 – Impress Decor, Ełk, Poland
- carrying out Ethernet network for Simatic controllers S5 135U and S7-414 along with superordinate SCADA system for printing machines (WinCC 7.0)
indtustrial automation projects - printing industry
12.2008 – RR Donnenley, Starachowice, Poland
- modernization of palletizer (Siemens Simatic S5-115)
indtustrial automation projects - printing industry
11.2008 - Sierra Cazorla Aqua, Sierra Cazorla, Spain
- modernization of palletizer (S7-300)
-carrying out the control for pallet transport with stocks (S7-314)
indtustrial automation projects - food industry
04-09.2008 - GM – VAUXHALL Motors UK, Ellesmere Port, England
- software of MP and Mobile panels for assembly station of chassis – body (APS – Automatic Positioning Station)
- PLC software (S7-400) together with MP and Mobile panels for automatic screwing of chassis ( MFS - Multi Fastening Station)
This project was realized together with Softwerk GmbH company.
indtustrial automation projects - automotive industry
02.2008 - Kapsreiter Brewery , Scharding, Austria
- migration of controller S5 › S7 (S7-300) and carrying out visualization and archive system for brewing (WinCC Flexible 2007)
indtustrial automation projects - food brewery industry
10.2007 - Panda, Vinnica, Ukraine
- modernization of palletizer and CIP station
- carrying out controlling and visualization for dissolving station and miscible containers (S7-300, TP)
indtustrial automation projects - food & beverage industry
08.2007 - Akwaplast, Dniepropietrowsk, Ukraine
- realization of controlling and visualization for prepare line of taste drinks (S7-300, MP):
- components prepare station
- dissolving station
- miscible station
- CIP station
- pasteurisation machine
indtustrial automation projects - food & beverage industry
07.2007 - GM Polska, Gliwice, Poland
- modernization of controlling and electronic keys programs (Allen-Bradley, Stanley)
indtustrial automation projects - automotive industry
06.2007 – Dobrawa WOMIR-SPA , Rzeniszów, Poland
-controlling and visualization for technological process of taste mineral water production (S7-300, TP):
- components prepare station
- mixing station
- dissolving station
indtustrial automation projects - food & beverage industry

The references of realized projects are available at customer's request.



INEE company is closely connected with top European companies specialized in programmable logic controllers and communication. It lets us show clients optimum and effective solutions and guarantees safe, efficient and long-term work of control systems. We are also a distributor of many high-quality industrial devices e.g. industrial computers and monitors, HMI panels, protocol converters, OPC servers, data loggers and other software.

APLEX - industrial computers and monitors also stainless steel IP65 IP69K

Aplex Technology Inc. – Taiwanese manufacturer of industrial computers and monitors also made of stainless steel with high IP grade - IP65, IP69K for food & beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Aplex priority is high quality. Therefore they design and manufacture their own motherboards using usually Intel Embedded CPU's to ensure long life, compact size and fanless solution with wide range of operating temperature.

Siemens Partner in Poland

Siemens AG - Siemens is a global powerhouse focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization. One of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, Siemens is a leading supplier of systems for power generation and transmission as well as medical diagnosis.
INEE Ltd. uses such Siemens solutions as PLC controllers, Software (WinCC, TIA Portal), Industrial PCs, HMI Panels and other.

Softwerk Siemens Automation Provider

SOFTwerk GmbH - an Austrian engineering office with 20 years experience in Siemens controllers. The company is one of the European potentates in deliveries of components for Simatic S5 and realizations of migrations – from Simatic S5 to S7. INEE cooperates with Softwerk in trade, exchanging technical experience and realization of common big projects.

Deltalogic - Komunikacja z SIMATIC S7-200 / 300 / 400 / 1200 / 1500 OPC Server

DeltaLogic GmbH – a German office designing software and hardware solutions for communication, programming and data logging, mainly for Siemens Simatic S5/S7 controllers. Leading solutions are S7/S5 OPC Server, AGLink DLL library and adapters ACCON NetLink-PRO and ACCON NetLink-USB

Process Informatik - Partner firmy INEE w zakresie komunikacji z Siemens Simatic S5 oraz S7

ProcessInformatik GmbH – An engineering and production office which provides solutions in communication for PLC controllers of different producers, mainly Siemens Simatic S5/S7 though. PI has been specializing in Teleservice for PLC for 20 years, both 56k-Analog and ISDN or GSM. Currently the company provides adapters and software used for programming, acquisition and exchanging data. Most populars products are: S7-LAN, S5-LAN++ and S5-USB.

INAT OPC Servery - SOFTING Industrial Automation

INAT GmbH currently Softing Industrial Automation GmbH – For over many years INAT has been the world leader in programmable solutions (OPC Servers) and hardware (S5 CP -TCP/IP / Echolink / Echochange etc.) in Ethernet industrial networks and PLC controllers, Ethernet network diagnosis (NetSpector) as well as data collecting from PLC to data base (Echocollect). The company is a member of OPC Foundation.

OPC servers, field bus monitoring Tani GmbH Tani GmbH provides products for networks in industry. First of all it is cheap OPC server for common used PLC types: Rockwell, Siemens, Schneider and more with optimized OPC UA and Windows 10 support. Another product is NetDiag Ethernet Field Bus Diagnostics which helps to monitor, analyZe and diagnose such industrial network as: Profinet, CIP, Ethercat, Powerlink, Modbus.

EX KEPWARE OPC Server - Partner firmy INEE

Kepware – an american company developing software solutions for the Industrial Automation that help bridge the communication gap between diverse hardware and software applications. The most popular product is KEPServerEX - industry’s leading communications platform which allows users to connect, manage, monitor, and control diverse automation devices and software applications through one intuitive user interface.

INRAY - OPC Router Kepware OPC Server MS SQL ORACLE

INRAY Industriesoftware GmbH is another German partner. They specialize in making superordinate software - ERP / MES / SCADA – for visualization and control of production processes. Main solutions are: OPC Router, inMove and FAS.

KVM TEC - Wysokiej jakości transmisja obrazu na odległość

KVM TEC - an austrian manufacturer of KVM extenders. Their products allow video transmission in high resolution (up to 1920 x 1200) and communication peripheral devices for a long distance (130 or 300 meters via CAT5/6/7 cable and up to 20 kilometers via fiber optic cable).


Migration of Simatic S5 to S7

Siemens company finished the production of S5 controllers in years 2003-2005 (details in attachment link). However, this type of controlling is still in use in machines and production lines in our country.

This is because of the fact that the old technologies (15,20 years old and even older ones) are imported to Poland from the Western Europe. INEE, as the company servicing Simatic S5 controllers, has got many calls for their breakdowns. According to our experience we can say that after so many years of control system's exploitation it is possible that every component can be damaged. We often hear such a statement: “How come it could have broken? It has been working properly for twenty years!”.

Elements of S5 system before migration

Migration of Simatic S5 to S7 - Elements of S5 system

INEE company can offer complex or partial exchange of S5 to S7 depending on customer's requirements.

  1. Complex exchange – contains, apart from exchanging S5 controller to S7, exchanging of NN equipment, safety system modernization and carrying out a new electrical diagram.
  2. Partial exchange- exchanging the whole S5 controller to S7 or exchanging only entry/exit to S7 etc. and the rest at later time.

Generally we recommend the complex exchange, we can guarantee then reliable work of the whole system, total cost of realization is lower too, however the main advantage of the partial exchange is spreading the costs in time.
Usually at this moment we can ask a question: “How much does it cost?”, “How can we justify that the exchange is necessary?”, “How should we charge payback?” and so on.

Elements of S7 system after migration.

Migration of Simatic S5 to S7 - Elements of S7 system

Everything depends on many factors: configuration of hardware, complexity of the system etc.
Convincing arguments which we can use are: cease production of S5, no support from Siemens company for S5 series or support for additional cost, very high prices for new interchangeable parts, used parts with a short guarantee etc.

Below table shows prices for some S5 parts and S7 counterparts:

S5 element Price of a new part
(12 months warranty)
Price of a used part
(2 months warranty)
Counterpart / Substitute S7 Price of a new part
(12 months warranty)
Central unit CPU944
7 355,00 € 1 600,00 € Central unit CPU315-2DP
1 324,00 €
Analog inputs module 8xAI 6ES5460-7LA13 2 121,00 € 1 100,00 € Analog inputs module 8xAI 6ES7331-1KF01-0AB0 377,00 €
Power supply for Rack 3[A]
749,00 € 450,00 € Power supply 5[A]
130,00 €
Profibus DP
IM-308 C
1 660,00 € 1 350,00 € Driven by CPU
(item 1)

0,00 €

The buying cost of interchangeable parts S5 in extreme cases can overrun the cost of migration from S5 to S7.

We are waiting for your contact, we will make an offer for migration and we can also help to justify and calculate the payback.

Tel.: +48 (32) 235 45 60 / Mobile: +48 505 104 251 / info@inee.pl